The Benefits of Using a Static Phase Converter

Static phase converters are a great solution for business and in-home shops that receive single phase or split phase power at 240 volts and do not have the electrical power necessary to run their motor loads. While there are some limitations, static phase converters are a reliable solution for your power needs.

In addition to fulfilling the power needs of businesses and homes, static phase converters offer the following benefits:

High-Low Double Horsepower Rated

There are two types of static phase converters available: Standard Heavy Duty (SPC) and High-Low Double Horsepower Rated (HL).

The second model, the High-Low Double Horsepower Rated static phase converter, is designed to incorporate two (2) Standard Heavy Duty units into one phase converter. It is like getting two static converters in one. This allows for high and low horsepower settings that are easily controlled by a toggle switch that is located on the top of the unit.

Single Phase Power Starter

Static phase converters utilize motor start capacitors that allow a 3 phase motor to be started on single phase power. When the motor reach full RPM it continues to run on two single phase lines of power, meaning two-thirds of the motor windings are energized.

static phase converter

Easy Installation*

With features including an easily accessible wiring junction box and universal mounting options, static phase converters are easy to install in any setting. Top mount wiring junction boxes are designed so users can easily access and work on the wires within them. Included with each static phase converter are hanging brackets that allow users to conveniently position the converters on a wall or machine mounting.

Lifetime Warranty

As stated in the NAPCES mission, we believe in conducting business in an honest and fair manner, providing friendly customer service, premium-quality products, technical expertise, competitive prices and personal service.

With that in mind, we stand behind each and every one of our products. If our customers purchase a static phase converter that doesn’t fulfill their 3 phase power needs, we will stand by our lifetime warranty guarantee and no questions asked returns policy.

To learn more about our phase converters or electrical products, contact us today! You will be connected with one of our experienced team members who will provide you with service that goes above and beyond.

*Always remember that installation of static phase converter equipment must comply with all national, state and local electrical codes.

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