How to Wire a Rotary Phase Converter?

Now that you got your brand new Rotary Phase Converter or have everything ready to build one yourself, you need to know how to connect wires. If you don’t really understand your instructions or need more information on how to connect wires (and you are putting it together yourself), I will include some resources and wiring diagrams in this article.

Here are some general instructions for connecting your Rotary Phase Converter:

    Step 1. Disconnect the power from the circuit and double check if the circuit is disconnected with a multimeter.

    Step 2. Install double pole 220 VAC breakers (for their sizes, refer to the instructions manual). The same goes for your wire gauge. The company that provided you with the motor, should give you the details.

Step 3. Connect single-phase power to the terminals marked L1 and L2 through the main disconnect switch or use diagrams for different wiring ideas, like the one shown below.

Step 4. There are two sets of output terminals in the power distribution block. The first set is for your idler generator and the second set is for your load. They are labeled: T1, T2, T3 (may vary by manufacturer). Idler motor should be connected to the first set of terminals (according to the diagram on it). After that, your load should be connected to the second set of output terminals in the distribution block.

Step 5. Ground your equipment.

rotary phase converter wiring

** Very Important! Before you get started, check national and local electrical codes for compliance. You should NOT attempt to do any wiring if you are not sure what you are doing! You are using any info provided at your own risk.

We do recommend using wiring diagrams that you will find in your owner’s manual because they are specifically tailored to the model that you will be using.

Once again, your product-specific wiring diagram should be included in your Rotary Phase Converter owner’s manual and it is the one that you should be using.

If you are trying to build one yourself, the following diagrams and videos may help you out. Don’t forget, that building a Rotary Phase Converter is DANGEROUS and you should only do so if you are competent at what you are doing.

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