Advantages of Rotary Phase Conversion Systems

All Rotary Phase Conversion Systems have common components: (1) a three phase motor winding that acts as a generator to produce a three phase output from a single phase power source, and (2) a run capacitor section that provides for a more stable current and voltage condition when loads are applied. Some Rotary Phase Converters also have what is known as a “start circuit” which consists of start capacitors, a contactor, and a control relay. The “start circuit” is the most critical link in these Rotary Phase Converters, since if one of these components should fail, the “generator motor” will not get up to speed, resulting in damage to the generator winding and single phasing the load connections.

rotary phase converter structure

ATO Guide

Other Rotary Phase Converter manufacturers use foreign brand motors and cut the shafts of the motors and add the “start circuit”, thus modifying the motor to do something it was not designed to do, and requiring you to return the unit to the factory for repair. Warranty on ATO’s “generator” motor is covered by any of the several thousand warranty stations across the nation. If you should have a problem with your ATO Rotary “generator motor”, ATO can get you in contact with a local electric motor repair shop, which will be able to assist you promptly.

ATO utilizes top grade capacitors purchased directly from the capacitor manufacturer, while other competitors buy surplus capacitors that result in inconsistent inventory and quality. We use 480 Volt rated capacitors in its 240 Volt Rotary Phase Converters and 660 Volt rated capacitors in its 480 Volt Rotary Phase Converters. The voltage across the capacitors in Rotary Phase Converters will run 20 to 40 volts higher than the incoming voltage under no-load conditions. This higher voltage produces extra stress on capacitors that are rated for the incoming voltage. Using higher voltage capacitors greatly increases the life expectancy of these components and also results in a reduction of thermal losses making the ATO Phase Converter more efficient and stronger in performance than other brands.

Unlike other competitors, our phase converter is manufactured with its own enclosures and motor bases. ATO’s Rotary Phase Converter is built on a steel base, while other competitors require you to mount the generator motor. Our Rotary Phase Converter has simple connections and simple installation instructions for a successful operation. It comes with a 2 pole terminal block labeled for Single Phase input and a 3 pole terminal block labeled for three phase output. Other competitors have loose wires, requiring you to make your own connections. We guarantee satisfaction, that if within 30 days of shipping, we cannot assist you to a successful operation of your application; you may return the phase converter for your money back (less freight charges).

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