Why Is My Phase Converter Voltage High?

We get asked all the time, “why is the voltage of the one line so much higher than the other two?” All traditional phase converters are high leg delta. This means that when using your meter you will measure 120 volts to ground on two of the three lines, but around 240 volts to ground on the third. This is perfectly normal and will work just fine for most motor loads. Here are some pictures of what you might be seeing. Traditional phase converters create only the 3rd line. The other two lines are left untouched. In a phase converter, the …

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Why Do I Need a Converter?

A 3 Phase Converter is needed when the “phase” required does not match the “phase” available.  In other words, the equipment needs 3 phase power and only single phase power is available.  Phase converters operate by converting single phase power into three phase power.  They can also provide split phase voltages from the three phase power source.  A 3 Phase Converter is used to allow operation of three phase equipment when single phase electrical services are the only power available or vice versa.  The majority of the time phase converters are utilized to produce three phase power from single phase …

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