digital phase converter 2

20 hp Digital Phase Converter 240V to 480V


Weight:72.00 LBS
Width:22.00 (in)
Height:35.00 (in)
Depth:9.00 (in)
Input Voltage:240V
Output Voltage:480V
Max Input:111A
Max Output:32A

See other types: 240V/480V 7.5hp, 10hp, 20hp; 240V to 480V 7.5 hp, 10hp

Product Description

The PTE220 is a compact 240V/480V voltage-doubling 20 horsepower digital single-phase to three-phase converter. It will supply three-phase 480V power from a single-phase 240V source for a single or combined loads, including hard starting loads such as compressors, conveyors, and pumps up to 20HP. The supplied power is utility-quality with voltage balance within 2% and has advanced digital monitoring to protect your valuable three-phase equipment.

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