VFD Troubleshooting and Preventive Maintenance

Modern VFDs are designed to be reliable and the internal failures are led to minimum. Still problems outside of the drive contribute to a large number of drive failures and are a major cause of nuisance tripping. Fast troubleshooting and failure preventing are crucial for the modern manufacturing. Single variable frequency drive failure may cause a complete manufacturing system to stop producing which will cause losses to the business. Implementing redundant systems in critical operations assures the operation of the process if one unit fails.Having skilled maintenance technicians, trained to troubleshoot the system as fast as possible and minimize the down …

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Rotary & Static Converters and Power Factor Capacitors Troubleshooting Guides

Rotary Converters A rotary converter is a device that uses an electric motor and a bank of capacitors to generate and maintain a third leg of power from a single-phase source. There are three things that have to be adequate for the generated leg to be of use. 1) The incoming power must be adequate in the aspect of voltage. This is achieved through the wire and other devices that bring the power to the converter. A phase converter can be a part of a successful electrical system for years, and then, all of the sudden, it can appear to …

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Rotary Phase Converter Troubleshooting

If you just connected your brand-new phase converter and it’s not working, first of all, check the manufacturer’s manual for troubleshooting instructions. If you think you have done something wrong with the wiring, you may want to call them as well, in order to clarify their installation instructions. Having said that, let’s first make sure the following is taken care of: Your motor is within your converter’s horsepower range. Your motor’s voltage requirement matches your converters. You have enough power coming through to support your Rotary Phase Converter and your machine. If your Rotary Phase Converter does start, but your …

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